Золотые Желуди'2015

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Церемония вручения премий Золотые желуди'2015 состоялась 26 февраля 2016 г.

Artwork Awards

Best Black and White Image: Sight? Tssss! by Hamsy [1]

Other nominees:

Best Color Image: Tie between The Chip and Dale Animation Cel Project (Final Test Cel) by singhcr [4] and 2014 GA Awards Plaque by RamDale [5]

Other nominees:

Best Non-Ranger Artwork: Vanellope and Calhoun (Wreck-It Ralph) for International Women's Day by saraggle91 [8]

Other nominees:

  • The Monster Team (Comic) by Roman SSSR [9]
  • Nostalgia Critic DVD Fancover by tellyweb [10]

Best Artwork: Tie between 2014 GA Awards Plaque by RamDale [11] and The Chip and Dale Animation Cel Project (Final Test Cel) by singhcr [12]

Other nominees:

  • The Monster Team (Comic) by Roman SSSR [13]

Best Artist: RamDale

Other nominees:

  • saraggle91
  • singhcr
  • Hamsy
  • tellyweb

Written Work Awards

Best Song Parody: Fear of the Boss by ModernTimes

Other nominees:

Best Short Story: Tie between Rescue Rangers: Redemption by singhcr, Endgame: The Preamble by Dr. Indy, and Closer to Fine by iceberg210

Best Non-Ranger Story: The Generosity of a Stranger by Lord Thunder

Best Russian Story: Tie between Laos by Prapor, Great Lakes Ghosts by vlad pavlovich and Loyalty by StoneKing

Best Story: Rescue Rangers: Redemption by singhcr

Other nominees:

Best Author: Gyrotank

Other nominees:

  • iceberg210
  • Lord Thunder

Rangerphile Awards

The Desert Mouse Most Helpful Rangerphile: singhr

Other nominees:

The Greyhound Bus Best Nutcase: Tie between Arztek and Wiggles

Other nominees:

The Mark Morgan Most Prolific Rangerphile: Tie between singhr and Hamsy

Best Caption: zaptifun

Special Mention: singhcr for creating/curating/contributing to the Cafe Archive and his Animation Cel project

Other nominees:

Special Recognition Awards

2015 Rookie of the Year: WDTAProject

2015 Natasha Kashefipour Lifetime Achievement Award: zaptifun

Other nominees:

Honorary Rangers: singhcr and Arztec

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